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Why I Quit My 9 To 5 Job?

Well, the past 10 years of my professional career really have sped by and this seems like a good opportunity to take stock of my journey through the workforce so far.

In those early days at CBA I learnt how to help people achieve their goals through finance and around the same time a colleague gave me a property investing book. That day changed my life forever when I read it from cover to cover in one night. I learnt that you could use property to build wealth outside a 9 to 5 job and I was so excited.

After dipping my toes into the property market with my first purchase in Wagga, my focus remained on career progression. I climbed up the corporate ladder where I was promoted to a portfolio manager role in business banking. At that time I was the youngest in my team and I performed well too.

At the same time whilst at CBA, we were required to write loans between $50K and $10M in Business Bank. My first loan was $40,000 for a young businessman whose story I believed in and wanted to help him payout his investor. After getting that loan approved and seeing the absolute delight in his reaction I had uncovered that I love helping people ~ I had discovered my ‘Why’. To this day his business has grown and I’m so proud to have been part of those humble beginnings

After buying my first investment property, I realised I had to find a property where value could be found or made if I wanted to keep going. I ended up picking a cheap property that I could renovate. After all the hard work was done and the tools were down, the gain I made on it was more than any bonus I’ve ever made at CBA and this was tax-free…This really made me realise the power of property investing.

This last learning lead me to throwing myself more into the property investing world. I realised I needed to meet more ‘like-minded people’. I was fortunate enough to meet some incredible people along the way and having the opportunity to learn from their experiences is something I’d encourage any investor to do

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of this journey that I never expected to help me grow as an investor, was a Mortgage Broker. Having worked at the bank, I had ignorantly never considered this as an option. To say I deeply appreciated the experience, value and guidance I received is an understatement Michael Xia – thank you so much for your support.

This was also a light bulb moment for me because I love everything to do with property but this also flows into my ‘why’ as a finance advisor too

This is why I’m excited to reveal that I’ve taken the leap of faith and have set up my own mortgage brokerage, Full Circle Finance. I’m so excited to be a mortgage broker and to have the ability to help others reach their dreams and goals too. I’d like to thank my Mentor Taku Ekanayake for helping me realise this dream and assisting me in this transition process.

If you, a family member of even a work colleague are thinking about getting into the property market or haven’t reviewed your loans lately, I’d greatly appreciate playing a part in helping you reach your financial goals and dreams as well.

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