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Why is property investing a good asset class?

For starters, properties in Australia are a reasonably secure and are considered a good long-term investment.


It is generally considered to be a stable and tangible asset (ie you can touch it).⠀


An investment property can also earn rental income that potentially covers loan payments and other expenses, which can give you a passive income (make money in your sleep).⠀


You can sell it in the future and benefit from the growth it has experienced.⠀


Equity can be made (renovation) or attained (market growth) in your investment property, which can allows you to expand your portfolio with additional investments.

It can also provide additional financial benefits through taxation and negative gearing.⠀⠀


Expenses associated with the investment property can be offset against income from rent, and you may be able to claim depreciation on assets like furniture, carpeting and whitegoods etc.⠀⠀


Investing in property may be an excellent way to diversify your portfolio and reduce risk if you have other investments like cash, shares or managed funds.

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