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COVID-19 Lockdown

COVID Lockdown 🙄⁠

Today marks 1 whole month since we started WFH due to Sydney Lockdown.⁠

Although we can't work from our city office, we're still helping clients Australia wide 😃⁠

Here are a few scenario's we're currently working on:⁠

Scenario 1 🏡⁠

Rentvesting clients are looking at extracting $150K in equity from their PPOR that's converted into an Investment property. Their goal is to use those funds to go and purchase another investment property. This was made possible by refinancing to another bank and they're utilising a $2,000 refinance rebate in the process.⁠

Scenario 2 🏘️⁠

Another client has completed a large $140K renovation to their home in VIC. After conducting a series of bank valuations, we are looking to extract $200K in equity, which they'll use to purchase their 2nd investment property.⁠

Scenario 3 🏠⁠

A self-employed client is looking at building a large portfolio but was told by their banker they can't help 🏦 ⁠

We are now restructuring their existing portfolio and by doing this, will free up their borrowing capacity to purchase 2 more investment properties straight away.⁠

If you find yourself in a similar situation, want more or you're just unsure, then reach out for a chat 😊

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