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She Renovates - #136 Are you Hungry to Achieve Your Renovation Goals?

I joined CEO and head Renovator, Bernadette Janson from @the_school_of_renovating on her podcast show, She Renovates, to share my experiences as a Property Renovator.⁠

During the show we covered off on:⁠

👉 Opportunities from my very first renovation,⁠

👉 Learnings from this project,⁠

👉 Leveraging relationships to achieve renovation goals,⁠

👉 Bottom line impact of the renovating experience,⁠

👉 The turning point from my first renovation,⁠

👉 Tips to consider when renovating,⁠

👉 Whether using a buyers agent is for you or not?⁠

👉 The support I had along the way and⁠

👉 Challenges and lessons from doing multiple renovations.⁠

It was a real pleasure to have this opportunity to share what I learnt. I certainly do wish podcasts like these existed when I started 😄 ⁠

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